The AustrILS database aims at providing Australianists and other linguists interested in research on Australian Indigenous languages with a solid, expert-based information on lexical and grammatical features in a sample of 70+ Australian languages.

The goal of the project is to:

Phase 1: pilot (2021-2022)

During its pilot, development phase (2021-2022), the project will primarily focus on features pertaining to the wide domain of tense, aspect, modality and evidentiality.


The project is currently supported by the Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle (LLF, UMR 7110), the FEMIDAL IRP CNRS project, and the Empirical Foundations of Linguistics Labex.

Project coordinators

Patrick Caudal (LLF) & Achille Falaise (LLF).

Project participants

James Bednall (A.N.U. & Charles Darwin University), David Felipe Guerrero-Beltran (PhD student, LLF, U. Paris Cité & U. Melbourne), Marie Legentil (PhD student, LLF, U. Paris Cité), Baptiste LOREAU UNGER (Master’s student, U. of Paris Cité), Noah Loutchmia (Master’s student, U. of Paris Cité), Luiz Arthur BLAMIRIS (Master’s student, U. of Paris Cité), Marcelo Stoppa (Master’s student, U. of Paris 3).